Venus Transit, 1st to 4th contacts (Jun 6, 2012)

1st to 2nd contacts 3rd to 4th contacts

Left: 1st to 2nd contacts,   Right: 3rd to 4th contacts

Date & Time: Jun 6, 2012, Times are displayed in image
Optical: BORG 45EDII, afocal method with LV25mm eyepiece
Synthesized focal length f=793mm (equivalent f=5668mm in 35mm film format)
with ND400, ND8 & ND4 filters (timely changed)
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Digital Video Camera: Canon iVIS HF-M41
Location: Joetsu city, Niigata pref.

Camera Settings: Mode...MXP(24Mbps), Aperture Value Manual
Lens...f=61mm (equivalent f=436mm in 35mm film format), Stop: F3.0
30 JPEG images (for 1sec.) captured each, stacked with Registax5.1

The Venus transit on Jun 6, 2012 was a long stretch sky event continued for about 6.5 hours, this page shows you its climax of contacts of the sun and Venus in beginning and end of progress. The Venus appears in surface of the sun and leaves from it taking about 20 minutes. The tone of color of images in 3rd to 4th contacts looks uneven because of passage of clouds.
It was comparatively bad seeing condition and sometimes interfered by clouds, but I could chase the movement of Venus clearly. I could not detect any distortion of the Venus by so-called "black-drop effect".

Movement of Venus (Jun 6, 2012)

Venus transit with H-alpha

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